Monday, March 25

What Is Love?

Me: How do you know when you're in love?
You.. I don't know how to explain it. But I guess it's like, you know when you read a brilliant book or see a profound picture and you love it? I don't mean it was a really really great book, I mean it was THE most life changing, phenomenal book you have ever read, your favourite possible book in the universe by far and so maybe it had a few spelling errors or something - you don't care because you LOVED those spelling errors - how adorably they were laced in the pages. You love the title, you love the font, the smell of the pages, the feel of absolute comfort when it seems to almost fit your hands, the way it makes you feel like your heart, your real heart is going to burst with all the emotion you hold for this book. You just want to love it with all of your being and for it to love you back would be the single most amazing concept you could fathom. Because this book is not your everything, no, but it is such a massive part of your heart. And it is the most beautiful thing in the world. And the fact that you have formed these emotions for it, you find amazing.. so the fact that someone else could see you the same way is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Everything you see shines. It's like you're a child who has just discovered the sun. And you have moments where you will just stop in the middle of a public place and sit down to watch the clouds for a few minutes. Because the world is that beautiful to you. And you'll have this smile that comes from nowhere that will creep up on you so so much. Any glimpses of them you catch will take your breath away because you're smiling so much and sometimes you even can't help but burst out into laughter. Simply for being in love. You want to scream THANK YOU to the sky as if its raining stars and spin in circles til you fall down. Everything makes you laugh. You want to tell other people how absolutely much you LOVE this person and how fantastic this feeling is and how you've never felt it and could never even imagine it and you want to shout how beautiful they are and you want everyone to see that. I've just realised that I lost the book metaphor a long time ago haha. One big thing about love is that, like family, they may frustrate you at times and you may fight about things (or not), but you never want to hurt them - not really. You never would want to do something like cheat or deliberately lie, knowing that it will hurt them. Not all people have that apparently, but I believe it. Physically, when you kiss someone you love it's like wow. It may not be the whole firework shebang, but it feels special. Kissing some random can't be pleasant lustwise, even kissing a crush can feel good and emotionally nice and stuff but there's something a little electric in a kiss of love. Tingling. And your brain and heart and lungs pretty much freak out and have a spaz, and you cannot stop smiling for so long. And you just want to do it again and not ever stop because man, that was fucking awesome, what is in your lips geez man. That's if you're me though. And a kiss is like this physical connection to match the emotional connection so together it's like mega connection with this person which is SO COOL because WOAH CONNECTION. Then the rest of it, you kinda can't keep yourselves off each other and get close enough and everything is funny and adorable and beautiful and exciting and good. Personally, I want to hold their hand ALL THE TIME but that includes crushes and even friends and whatnot so yeah maybe forget that part. Remember that all this is only me personally, your experience of love could be massively different. But essentially, you know. You just know. You wonder for a while and then it just gets to a point where you're pretty much "yep I'm in love all right".
Put simply, you know you're in love when you understand why everyone says its the most amazing feeling and why there are so many books and songs and paintings solely on love. You'll finally understand what all the hype is about, and that it really is all it's made out to be, just as heartbreak is all it's made out to be too. Love is like an orgasm of the mind.
I may not be an expert, but that's all I know.
Oh and one last thing - it's often pretty different from how you expected to feel (well you pretty much couldn't possibly have expected it) or who. They'll usually be different from the type of person you expected to fall for. But you kinda like that.
Done now (:
Me: Wow. 

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  1. Hmm it is very interesting because I am always someone who refuses to love things. (Because love means commitment and I tend to joke that I have commitment issues). But I can definitely understand the bursting feeling of love. Just little moments that set your nerves on fire. It's not a feeling that lasts longer than a second, but that second, I value more than all the time in the world.


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