Saturday, June 29

Another Love

Dear you,

"I wanna cry and I wanna love, 
but all my tears have been used up, 
on another love, another love, 
all my tears have been used up,"

I'm really starting to develop a wonderful knack for being attracted to taken guys. I told Ear this little fact and she thinks it's a subconscious effort not to get in a relationship, as that would mean being vulnerable and that would be too scary.
I think she's right. 
I hate showing emotions, especially love. I don't know why that is though, I never used to be this way. It all changed when Ernie came into my life. 
I envy Perfect and Moon Child for their ability to love so openly and fully. To be romantic without fear. 
Maybe one day I'll get there.

All my love xx


  1. I am the same way, darlin'.
    But we are made to love and be loved, so just work on it.
    we can't all be perfect.


  2. I totally understand what you mean. I fall in love with people all the time, strangers and friends alike. It is heartbreaking sometimes isn't it? But I guess that is why I like it, in a way.


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