Monday, August 16

oh how could i have been so stupid.

Oh wonderful, amazing, glorious universe can you ever forgive me? There have been times where I have been completely and utterly selfish and not to mention down right  horrible. Not to mention not being very considerate of all the food you produce us and the glorious fresh water. Please forgive the fact that I don't always strive to be the best that I can be, and that I am often dis-organised, but I am trying. I just need a little faith from you. But universe can you do me one favour? Return the framed post-card that I sent to my Grandparents when I was six from France. Then I might put a little more effort in tomorrow.
Love from the ever-inspired of your greatness, me.

P.S I just bought these lovely shoes of Etsy

I'm extremely excited, indeed I am.

I'm also planning cutting my hair from about 3 inches past shoulder length to the below pictures length. Super dooper excited.


  1. Those shoes look amazing and I hope your hair turns out well too!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    ♥ Maja

  3. I think we can make only so many mistakes before the universe throws it back in our faces.

  4. i really like the purple ankle boots...

    ur link was done..check on the list in my blog..

    so u can follow me too if u dont mind..thx

  5. sending my shoes your way ;)

    I love her hair-if I had the gutts I'd chop mine all off!

    hope your having a wonderful week!

    cheers, Jesa


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