Wednesday, September 8

The end as we know it.

Okay so lately my friends and I have been talking about 2012, the apparent end of the world year. Most of us think we aren't going to die, but a serious war is going to happen. And I mean major war, like everyone country for themselves - almost like Tomorrow When the War Began. So yeah it got me thinking a bit, and I have no idea. The war thing for me sounds a little bit drastic, but I do believe there may be a loss of hope, since it's what God has apparently predicted (sorry if this is wrong, I haven't myself read the Bible but many who have read it, have told me about 2012). Anyway whats your thoughts?


  1. Hmm - I actually took a class on Mayan culture and I think the 2012 is kinda misleading. I believe it is suppose to signal the end of an era or some span of time (in our case we have the end of a century). I don't think there is too much to be worrying about. =)

    As long as a few people still believe - then the world can't lose hope, ever!

  2. I don't believe in 2012. I have heard lots about it. At first, I was scared. Then, I thought "who are we to predict the end of the world". Only God knows tomorrow.
    All my love.


  3. I watched the 2012 movie and at first it honestly did scare me a bit. But then i thought about it and looked it up and stuff and i read that it just comes from the Mayan culture about the end of an era not the end of time. just like Lizard said.
    its still a scary thought though...

  4. I really don't know...I'm waiting for 2012 to find out.
    Who really knows anyway?



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