Thursday, May 30

Floating Through The Past

Year 8
* Reminds me of that band camp out to 'whoop whoop', where we stayed in a haunted hotel. I had been sitting in my hotel room alone when I heard this song for the first time. And continued to listen to it on repeat for ages *
"Heaven doesn't seem so far away anymore"

Year 9
* I remember listening to this on repeat when I was totally in love with Giant, who never seemed to notice me *
"Can you lie next to her,
And give her your heart, heart"

Year 10
* Walking under honeysuckle trees and past falling down gates on my way to and from work, sipping on pasito *
"You're to clean white love,
I give my heart on the morning of November 6th,
Oh, everybody's looking for a fix"

Year 11
* Those times where I felt hopeful about the world while waiting at the bus stop or walking along the river *
"I've been in through your garden, 
And I've been to your grave" 

Year 12
Of Monsters and Men - Love, Love, Love
* Stumbling upon this song randomly on youtube and thinking to myself that this song describes so well my heart's workings *
"Cause you love, love, love,
When you know I can't love"

Kurt-Jackson ~ Liffey

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  1. That was really beautiful. I just love your ideas. And I miss you. much love X


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